My firearms business is centered around quality firearms instruction and personalized attention. I believe it is important to always strive beyond the minimum standards of the required curriculum because value comes from connecting with the student using thorough materials and practical training methods to continue improving skills and situational awareness. For all of my firearm courses, the emphasis is ALWAYS on safety, creating good habits, personalized instruction, and offering premium quality alternatives for complete personal safety strategies.

With all of my instruction, the only purpose I believe in is to provide students with information that allows them to think and understand, not just improve and do well. I belive in finding common sense solutions that work best for the individual. Whether that solution is personal alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns, or firearms, I believe understanding the needs of the individual will help them to prepare well and reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

My mission is to ensure every student leaves a session well equiped for meeting their goals of better safety at the range, improving accuracy in target practice, obtaining their License to Carry while understanding their responsibility for safely and securely handling a firearm, and much more. Most importantly, I believe in teaching people how to look at situations in their normal daily activities to pay attention to details and ask themselves "Where is my best exit?" or "Am I Prepared if..." in evaluating their own personal safety strategies.


CHL Proficiency Demonstration Preparation
Completing a 1-1 instructional session before taking our Concealed Handgun License course will greatly relieve any pre-range anxiety you may have leading up to the Proficiency Demonstration. For a single session (Up to 3 Participants), each participant receives a $25 discount off the course registration fee and a guaranteed free 1-1 instructional session and complimentary retest if they are unable to pass the Proficiency Demonstration or are asked to retest at a later time for safety reasons. Session costs do not include any Range Fees or the Cost of Ammunition. Participants provide their own Firearms, Eye Protection, and Ear Protection.
( Priced Per 60-90 Minute Session )


New Shooters
These courses provide beginner shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use pistols or rifles safely.
( Times and Prices Vary Based on Need )


New Purchase Consultation
Our firearms instructors are available to walk through and offer expert knowledge to assist with gun selection and insight into gun accessories.
( Priced Per 20 Minute Session )


L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporting System) Training
Using the L.A.S.R. System, we offer an incredible opportunity to learn and practice fundamental techniques. Ideal for In-Home Firearm Training, this system turns almost any indoor facility into a practice range, which allows for a completely safe environment with statistical feedback and visible shot recaps.
( Priced Per 60-90 Minute Session )


1-1 Pistol / Rifle Instruction
Personalized marksmanship coaching with emphasis in safe gun handling, range fundamentals, precision, and consistency.
( Priced Per 60-90 Minute Session )


Safe Storage Consultation
Responsible gun ownership begins with safely storing and securing your firearms. Our associates are available for consultation with safe home and automobile storage. The safe storage requirements for each household can vary significantly. Our personalized reviews offer individualized recommendations to meet your needs.
( Pricing Negotiable: Based on Property Type and Depth of Review. Call for an estimate. )


The Nole & Associates business lives and breathes the belief that Anyone Can Be Average, We Aspire to Be the Best. We look forward to showing you the difference in our services and attention. Contact Us anytime to discuss our programs.


Matthew 'Matt' Nole
Founder and Team President


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